Top Ten Twitter List Reflection

Twitter is an excellent resource, there is no doubt about it. I started the quest by looking at the email that Scott Hebert sent and using the Twitter handles he included. It was wonderful to see that many educators are starting to do gamification in their own classrooms and offer up resources. The opportunities for professional development are astounding. I have seen workshops, pictures, books, and old-fashioned advice posted everywhere. Reading the comments section on tweets was especially helpful as I was looking for new people to post to my top 10 list. The possibilities are endless and that feels overwhelming, so it’s important for me to remember that I can keep things small until I get my sea legs.

I did a little extra research on one of the Tweets in my top ten list that was particularly intriguing. One of the Tweets by Josh Stock @teachlikeaninja was all about an immersive trip to Mount Everest with his students while reading a book called Peak by Roland Smith (it looks like a novel study) and watching “inflight entertainment” (educational videos about Everest) on the way there. He had plane tickets, tents, tea, winter clothes… the whole lot. The whole experience is explained in Mr. Stock’s blog. 

The original plan (according to the blog) was to have the students do a flipped reading of the next 2 chapters (using EdPuzzle) (Stock, 2017, par. 1). But then Stock decided to make it a more immersive experience. I personally love this idea. It’s so innovative, creative, and useful for the future! It gave kids an idea of what world travel and mountaineering would be like. Perhaps they will try it ‘for real’ in the future, and all because one teacher got cracking – cracked the mold that is.



Stock, J. (2017). Mr. Stock’s Awesome Blog. Retrieved on October 6, 2017 from


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